Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Envirun 5K

The weather here has been less than stellar lately and I am getting cabin fever in a serious way...maybe the worst I have ever been.  So when the weather people said it was going to rain, a lot, and be super crazy windy all weekend I was totally bummed.  I had planned to do the Envirun 5K up at Niagara Falls and I was planning to take Asher up there and we would do our long run on the trails up there before and after the race.  "Torrential" rain postponed this.  So I started out on the treadmill and was deciding about the race.  Well I got to 8 miles and said "I'm going"!  That was enough of the treadmill for me.  So I headed to Niagara Falls for the race.  Jeff came along too and I was glad he did.  It took me longer to get there than I had planned (the story of my life) and I got to the race about 5 minutes before the start and I still had to check in and get my bib (no chips at this one).  I jumped out of the car, he went and parked and I picked up my stuff.  I even started the race with my race shirt in my pocket and shorts and pants on because I didn't have time to take my pants off before the race.  As I was leaving the registration tent they radioed to the start that the last person checked in...yep...nice AJ.  I got to the start and we were off.  The race went around Goat Island and we got to run by the rivers that lead into all three of the falls.  Super cool.  I love this place.  We got to run 1/2 mile into a nasty head wind but then cruised back.  And the rain stopped for the race, how awesome is that!!  Good race and I hope to be back next year in the sunshine with my pooch! (Thanks to Jeff for the pictures.)

Me at the finish, holding my bib because I didn't have time to put in on before the race. 

American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls

Horseshoe Falls

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  1. I'm hopping from blog to blog at the minute and enjoying reading people's race reports. Not bad scenery at Horseshoe Falls, eh? I think I would have enjoyed this one. Stopped over in Niagara for a couple of days a few years back and went down to the falls at night when barely anybody was around. Amazing place (and noise!). Anyway, happy running!