Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bayshore Park

Jeff and I took the kayaks out on Sunday for a beautiful paddle.  It was a perfect day on the water.  No wind, calm as can be.  We put in at Bayshore park and paddled north past Dykesville. 

The bay is very shallow where we paddled so we saw quite a bit of wild life either sitting on rocks or docks.  On our way back we came across a pile of rocks not too far off shore.  It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and the sun was just right that all you saw of the birds on the rocks were their silhouettes.  This is possibly one of my pictures from any of our kayaking experiences.  Nature at its finest.

Here are a couple more of the same birds:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Asher's 7th Birthday

Yesterday, August 23rd, 2010 was my baby Asher's 7th birthday.  I wanted to make the day special and do something that he loves.  So I planned to take the day off of work and take him swimming.  Jeff also joined us which was a lot of fun.  I decided to take him to Point Beach State Park.  We had never been there before but they have a dog approved beach on the sand dunes so I thought we could check it out.  It's about 45-50 minutes from our house so it's really not all that far.  And wow was it nice.  This is one of the nicest parks I have been to.  The water is very clear and clean.  The beaches are very clean as well.  The white sand beaches and clear blue water made it very beautiful. 

Asher had a blast swimming.  He was so tired at the end he could barely stand.  He swam and chased his ball for about 3 hours!  We literally almost had to drag him out of the water to go home!!

After swimming we went home and got cleaned up.  After dinner we were having a birthday party, of sorts, at Zesty's with Mark, Sue, Maggie and Ruby.  Asher had a pup cup and Sue sang Happy Birthday to him.  It was great.  He did better eating his ice cream this time.  He let me hold the cup while he licked it out.  I still had to wipe up his face with napkins after he was done though.  Which was a difficult task to say the least. 

Check out that stance.....serious stuff!

All I got were butts

Asher, Maggie and Ruby (all with ice cream on their faces)


Last Friday night, August 20th, 2010 we got some of the craziest weather I have seen in a long time.  It was warm and humid so a perfect recipe for storms.  Some storms started brewing and moving across the state.  About 3:30 things started to get pretty dark.  Right around 4:00 it started raining and hailing the hardest I have possibly ever seen in rain.  It rained for about 30 minutes and caused some major travel issues.  Most roads were blocked because the storm sewers couldn't keep up.  Here are a couple pictures of the water on my street and a couple streets near me.  Overall in about 30 minutes we got just under 3 inches of rain and there were over 13,000 lightening strikes. 

Ash St.

Ash St.

Ash St.

8th St.

Spruce St.
(yes, that car is stopped in the middle of the lake in the middle of the road)

Friday, August 20, 2010

First Endurance Article

Interesting article on training, or rather over training and how important proper nutrition and recovery are. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend Warrior #2

This was my second weekend in a row of trying to do "almost" an Ironman in 48 hours.  This was an intense and exhausting 48 hours, let me tell you! 

Friday: Swim

It was kind of storming all day and I had a long ride the next day to logistically get ready for so I opted for my swim at the Broadview Y pool.  Boring but easier and the weather didn't really warrant an outside swim.  I did 3700 yards which is 2.1 miles.  Felt good. 

Saturday: Brick

Saturday I got up early and headed out for an epic ride.  My plan was to ride from my house down to 7 hills road, ride the road out and back with little break and then head back home.  This ride is very rural with no gas stations directly on the route so Jeff volunteered to be my sag support for the ride, bringing me water, Gatorade and food.  He was going to do his long run along the way and I would meet him at places on the course.  So I headed out.  The goal today was to eat as much as I possibly could, see how much my body could actually absorb.  This was tricky.  I felt like I was always eating.  But my energy level stayed pretty constant the whole time so that was a good thing.  I rode down pretty conservative.  I was very nervous about 7 hills.  These hills are crazy steep, like some are literally straight up and down.  So I was nervous I wouldn't make it.  I was even a bit wobbly in my stomach before starting 7 hills I was so nervous.  The road is 8 miles long with 600 ft of elevation gain, one way.  So out and back, 16 miles with 1200 ft of elevation gain.  So off I went.  The hills were tough but I tried to spin up them and then fly down the back side.  I got to the end, ate and drank something real quick (this is so rolling that you can't eat or really drink on the road) and headed back.  I made the 16 miles in just under an hour.  I was very relieved and proud of that.  This road is difficult to capture in pictures but here are a couple Jeff took:

The ride back home went well and I pushed it more than the way there.  The total distance was 125 miles and ride time was 6.5 hours.  After the ride I immediately went for a 2 mile run.  Ooohhh, I could feel those hills then. Plus it was hot.  I got it done though.  Run 2 miles.....done.

Sunday: Run

On the schedule for Sunday was an 18 mile run with Mark.  I met him at 6 and we started out.  I was exhausted.  It took me a bit to get going.  But then we settled into a groove and it felt pretty good.  The humidity and temps finally dropped for this run and that helped a ton.  You could actually breathe.  We picked up Asher part of the way through and Jeff rode his bike by us and chatted with us.  It turned out to be a really nice run.  18 miles....done. 

After the run I took a nap.  I totally needed it.  And then Jeff, Philip, Asher and I went to the Tall Ships downtown Green Bay.  They had sailed in late last week and were here for the weekend for people to view.  Some even had cannon's on them.  They were pretty neat looking.  Here are a few pictures of some of the ships:

And there is a new water fountain that Asher had to play in.  He's trying to catch the water as it falls.

Recap: 2.1 miles of swimming, 125 miles of biking, 20 miles of running.  Good solid training weekend.  After it all I needed a big scoop of custard from Zesty's.  Nice way to top off the weekend. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fun new toys

This season I decided that I wanted to upgrade some of my equipment for training and racing.  Become more "with the times".  Triathlon is an expensive sport so I struggle buying new things all the time, and there is always something you need or want so I try and budget for that.  Saying that, this year was an expensive year but stuff that I needed.  And a special thanks to my "sponsor" for the help and support.  So here is the fun roll down of my new equipment that I am racing and training with. 


Xterra Wet Suit


Mavic Cosmic Carbon Wheels -
super smooth ride
Giro Advantage 2 Aero Helmet -
super fast

Old Cateye Computer -
yep, that's 20,687 miles on the computer
there is actually more on my bike than that

New Cateye computer -
and I now have cadence again....yeah!!

CycleOps Power Meter -
this thing has taugh me tons already and I've only had it a few weeks

ISM Adamo Saddle

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Warrior #1

I always laugh a bit when I go back to work on Monday morning after a long hard weekend of training and everyone is like "What did you do this weekend?" and I reply, "Not much".  Kind of funny.  So this weekend was a BIG training weekend.  Close to an Ironman in about 48 hours.  I get to sleep two nights in there and eat a couple meals in there, so it should be easier right.....sure didn't seem that way though. 

Friday - swim:

Friday night after work I went and swam with my coach Mike and his wife at a small lake in the Waupaca chain of lakes.  2.4 miles.  This was good practice in my wet suit.  I only get to swim in it once in a while so any open water I can get is great.  This was a nice little lake.  About 265 yards across so there are back 8 times is 2.4 miles.  I felt good and tried to work it like I would in a race.  Got home a little late after this but it was well worth it.

Saturday - Brick

Saturday I got up early and headed out on my bike ride.  I had mapped out a route to Kewaunee along Hwy. 42.  This is a nice road, a little busy but pretty riding along Lake Michigan.  I had some watt goals I was supposed to meet for this ride, so going into this I knew it was going to be my hardest long ride I had ever done.  And that definitely proved to be true.  1,700 feet of elevation gain, which for my Colorado friends is nothing, but for Wisconsin that's quite a bit.  I got to Kewaunee and stopped for a quick break for a snack and a few pics of the lake.  It was very pretty today. 

The pictures don't really do the lake justice.  Sorry.  After my short stop I headed home.  It was dang hilly.  Whew!!  But I made it.  93 miles.  Then picked up Asher and we did our brick.  We were both hot and it was tough but we did it.  And then each drank about a gallon of water when we got home.  3 miles....done.

Sunday - Long Run

Sunday was my long run.  I was going to meet Mark at 6, well at 5am it was lightening and thundering so we postponed the run until 7:30 after the storm passed.  I wasn't real excited about getting struck by lightening, not my idea of a good time.  Well holy humidity after the storm.  This run was tough, for everyone involved.  Mark and I met, did 3 miles, then picked up Erik for some more.  We got Asher 6 miles in and I was struggling already.  We ran back to Voyager and met up with Julie Petersen.  It was nice to see her.  Dropped off Erik and got a big drink.  Asher was steaming already at this point.

The dog days of summer, as my friend once told her Golden Retriever.  So Mark, Asher, Julie and I continued on.  Gotta get the run in.  We ran some more, dropped Julie off, drank a ton more and then headed back.  I was out of gas, totally.  And very warm, as were Asher and Mark.  It was a tough run but we got it done.  16 miles....done. 

After the run Jeff and I went kayaking on the Suamico River.  It was hot even doing that, especially when you stopped but it was a very nice paddle.  It had been a while since we were out on our kayaks so it was nice to get back out there again.  We paddled this river as our second ever outing last year and this year we could tell how much stronger and more experienced we were.  It was cool to see the huge difference. 


Recap: 2.4 miles of swimming, 93 miles of biking and 19 miles of running.  Not quite an Ironman but decent training volume.  Oh and a nice paddle of about 2 hours.  Overall it was a very tiring weekend but a lot of fun.  Wouldn't trade this life for anything!  Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Overdue race reports

I have been racing this summer, just have been terrible about updating my blog.  So here is an intense update of the races I have done to date.....

High Cliff Half Ironman

First triathlon of the season was the High Cliff Half Ironman on June 19th.  This was my first tri of the season so I was a bit nervous to see how my training, nutrition changes and equipment changes would work out.  All had been used in training but a race is so much different than training. The swim was interesting.  White caps and a strong wind.  In fact it was supposed to be pretty windy all day.  We lined up and started at 7am.  It took me a bit to get going in the swim.  I kept swallowing water and getting pummeled by the waves but I eventually got in my groove and was on my way.  I came out of the water in 23 minutes.  I think since the waves were so strong for a couple days the course was short.  But anyway onto T1 and the bike.  The bike went pretty well.  We had a head wind from the west but I didn't let it bother me.  I just kept pushing and riding like I had practiced.  I tried my new nutrition and all was going good until about 10 miles left in the bike.  I started to get light headed and a headache.  I thought it was because of being in the aero position for so long (even though I had training rides longer than 56 miles going into the race).  I had eaten all my food that I brought, which was exactly what I was supposed to do so I did good there and drank a lot.  Finally got off the bike in 2:49, very pumped about that, I wanted 2:50 so I was right on track.  Now for a good run and for my foot to hold up on the trails.  This is a tough run.  You start out by going up the high cliff hill, which is nasty and then run the other 11-12 miles on trails.  My foot hadn't been very good on trails lately so I was worried how bad it might get today.  But little did I know that would be the least of my problems.  I also had forgotten my hand held water bottle with my Gatorade in it and my run nutrition in it.  Not good.  So I grabbed what few honey stingers I had left on my bike and headed out.  I started out of T2 happy to be off the bike, ready to focus on the run but soon realized I had nothing in the tank. I was running completely empty of calories. But how could that be? I ate quite a bit on the bike.  I climbed the hill and to my surprise Jeff was at the top of the hill with my water bottle asking...."Did you forget something?!?!"  I was so happy to see him.  I continued to trudge on but knew I was out of it.  I saw Jeff a couple more times on the first loop and the same places on the second loop.  He was very encouraging and I was not, saying I feel like crap.  Run time: 2:20 (terrible, I know) and Overall Time was 5:35.  So while I was so busy feeling like crap I was trying to figure out what went wrong.  So here's what I came up with.  The week before the race was hectic.  The day after the race we were leaving to spend 10 days in New York so getting ready for that kept me busy all week.  Also I don't think I ate enough the day before the race or rest enough.  The day before was exceptionally crazy.  And my third conclusion is that, despite how good the lefse sit, I burn through the calories too fast and need to eat more to have some energy for the run but can't really do that because they are too dry to eat a ton of them.  So back to the drawing board before Door County in about a month.  Oh and as I was walking back to get my stuff, sulking a bit because of my terrible run, I ran into a friend of mine, Mike.  We started talking and next thing I know I have a new coach.  Never had a coach before.  This could be interesting.    Some pictures from the race:

Swim start.  Check out the nice white caps!

Done with the swim.  Trying to catch my breath up that hill.

On the bike

On the run

More running

Happy to be done!

This is a 5K put on by the Fox Tri Club on the 4th of July.  It's in its third year and going strong.  It is very well organized and always gives a great shirt.  It's usually in a pretty heavy training block for me so I traditionally ride to the run and then run the run with Jeff and his kids.  This year was the same gig.  I got in about 49 miles on the bike before the race, ran the race with Philip and Jeff and then rode home, another 17 miles for 66 total on the day.  The race went well.  Windy and warm.  Philip had his best time ever and it was fun to run with him and see him do so well.  The ride home, not as much fun.  Very few calories = very miserable ride home.  That along with a new bike position made me uncomfortable, but I did it and it was a fun day. 

This is my favorite half ironman in the area.  It is so well run, the bike course is good, the swim is good and the run is tough, okay I like everything but the run and the two large mountains you have to climb up.  The race was on July 18th and was scheduled to start at 8am.  All week the weather people had been predicting storms for Sunday but we optimistically hoped they would hold off.  I raced last year at Pig Man in storms and it was miserable so I vowed never to do that again.  Well I got up Sunday morning to rain and huge green, yellow and red blobs coming our way.  Being optimistic (although the whole way up I was saying I'm not sure I want to race in the rain again and maybe they'll shorten it or call it if it's bad) we, Jeff (my awesome race sherpa) and I, headed up.  I got there, parked and got ready for the day.  New nutrition today.  Homemade pop tarts and a Reese's Fast Break Candy bar.  I had tried the combo the week before in training and it was okay so I was confident to give it a go today.  This was my first race under my new coach and with my new power meter (more on that in another post) so we'll see what I got.  I got everything set up, put my garbage bag over all my stuff (I learned that the hard way at Pig Man, I came back from the bike to have two running shoes with lakes in them, not cool) and just hung around.  They announced a 30 minute delay because of lightening so more time to talk and chill.  So finally, 8:30 rolls around and we are ready to go.  I was in wave 2 for the swim, the women's elite wave (Wave 1 was elite men).  Three minutes go by from the men's start and we are off.  The water was like glass!  Sweet!  I am cruising along, getting in my groove, following some girls feet, getting jammed by guys at the back of their wave that we caught already.  I get to some open water and just start cruising.  Cool.  I'm start making a game out of it.  I wanted to see how guys I could pass before the end.  So I am pushing along at a good pace, not all out but a good solid pace.  Out of the water in 28:49, my best swim time at this race.  Good enough for 3rd female out of the water.  And I passed lots of guys.  Made a quick stop by the wet suit stripper for them to rip off my wet suit and on to T1, which was slow by the way, not sure why but it was.  Got my bike, ready to hop on and my chain is off.  WTH!!  So I fix that and I'm out.  While I was fixing that a couple girls passed me and a couple more passed me in T1 too since I was so slow.  Out for the bike.  New bike position and new seat, less than a week old.  We'll see how this goes.  I'm feeling good.  I'm passing women and even some guys.  Somewhere between mile 5 and 10 a squirrel runs out at me from the woods and goes in between my two wheels....seriously!!  How much is God seriously smiling on me today?!?!  I for sure thought I was going to hit him.  I had just passed a girl and she then pulled up next to me.  I said "Did you see that?", she said "Yeah, that was freaky stuff!".  And off I went.  The rest of the bike ride went okay.  I kept up on my eating and my drinking and my new position turned out to be okay.  I remember the roads last year being very bumpy but this year I was definitely in a better mental space and my wheels are so comfortable that they didn't bother me.  We did get rained on a couple times on the bike but nothing too serious.  The wind picked up about half way through but it was more of a tail wind than anything so it was welcomed.  I finished up the bike in 2:43 which is my best half ironman bike time ever.  Time to run.  The run started out okay.  I felt pretty good, felt good on calories and I remembered my bottle with my nutrition in it this time.  The first two miles clicked away pretty quickly.  It was getting humid and a bit warm but that didn't bother me.  I started to pick up a few hills in mile 3 and then saw Jeff at mile 4.  I was slowly running out of steam at this point.  My legs were just done, my quads, my hamstrings, my calves, getting to their limit.  Coach knew this was probably going to happen with the new bike position and pushing harder on the bike but it was okay, it's just a training day.  I continued on on the run, up a big hill, saw Jeff again, through Egg Harbor, down a few more hills I climbed earlier and then up the big bluff hill and then on to the finish.  Run time was not good, I walked some, especially up the big climbs and a few other times.  Run time of 2:06.  Overall time of 5:25.  This race has gotten big time in the last two years, which is awesome to see, so I was pretty low on the results by the end.  Overall the day went well.  I felt good on the swim and bike and hung on for the run.  God really shined on us today, there were two huge weather systems that went north and south of us and kept us safe and dry.  It was just amazing.  And the squirrel incident turned out okay as well.  And a major positive, my nutrition worked out well and I felt good nutritionally off the bike.  Only two pictures from the day:

Out of the swim

Into the finish

On Saturday, July 31st we did the first annual Packers 5K Run/Walk.  Mark, Asher and I ran 12 miles early in the humid rain.  We got poured on for most of it.  But thankfully that actually kept us cool.  We changed, got refueled and Jeff, Mark and I went to the 5K.  It was misting for about the first mile of the run and then it got super humid.  We wore our packers clothes and hats and Mark put his game face on, putting stickers under his eyes.  The course did a huge loop around Lambeau and the last mile we ran in the tunnel and did a loop around the field and back out to the finish.  This was a good run for the first year, hopefully they keep it up for years to come.  And it would be really cool if some of the Packer players would actually run, none of us saw any but that would be really cool.  It was also fun to run through Lambeau feeling much fresher than we do at the marathon. 

So I think that gets everything caught up.  Several fun races this summer.  Not much for August, just lots of training, which I'm looking forward to.