Friday, July 30, 2010

Movin' On

My friend Brad is one of my most consistent readers of this blog, perhaps one of the only readers of this blog, and he has pointed out that I have been MIA lately on my posts (I have a ton of posts just have been running out of time to post them so they will all be late, just so you know) and has requested a new post, so I figured it fitting that my next post be about him.  As of today Brad is about to embark on the next chapter in his life.  He leaves De Pere, WI today for a short stay with his parents in the Montello/Princeton area and then on to his new home in Colorado Springs, CO.  I'm very sad to see him go but am excited about the opportunity and challenges that lay ahead for him.

Brad and I have been friends for about 6 years, meeting in the running club.  We have lived 0.60 miles away for almost exactly 5 years.  We have gone on vacations together, run marathon together (and I use the term together loosely as he is usually waiting for at least an hour for me to finish), he's let Asher out and watched my house, I've watched his house (he doesn't have an Asher to let out), lifted weights together and just hung out.  He used to be the shy boy trying to qualify to run his first Boston Marathon to the fast not quite as shy boy setting new unbelievably fast marathon PR's and having a blast doing it. 

Brad is off to run in the mountain in Colorado and start the next chapter in his life.  Hopefully he doesn't forget the last chapter and stays in touch. better call, email and learn how to text.  And let me visit once in a while, even though we will soon be 24 driving hours apart.  Asher and I wish you the best of luck and maybe again we will live 0.60 miles away......

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Sorry, no blogging lately.  It's been a busy couple of weeks.  To start from the beginning, June 19th was the High Cliff Half Ironman.  Then Sunday, Jeff, Asher and I packed up our rented mini-van and started our trek to New York state.  Sunday night we drove to Cleveland, Ohio, which is about 10 hours from De Pere.  Monday we drove from Cleveland to Buffalo.  Monday night we went to Niagara Falls and took Asher and walked across the Peace Bridge into Niagara Falls, Canada.  Tuesday thru Friday I worked in our Buffalo office and Jeff and Asher hung out.  Friday we drove to Ithaca, NY and the Finger Lakes region.  We stayed in Ithaca until Tuesday morning and saw some very awesome things nature has created.  We saw about a million water falls and some of the hilliest roads this side of the Rockies.  Tuesday we started to head for home with a stop at Letchworth State Park, about an hour east of Buffalo.  It's coined as "The Grand Canyon of the East".  After Letchworth we headed to South Bend for our layover.  Wednesday we headed for home.  Wednesday night and Thursday morning I met with my new coach.  And today we ran in the third annual Fox Firecracker 5K.  It's been a very busy last two weeks.  2500 miles on the road and millions of dollars deposited in tolls but we made it safe and sound.  Lots of good stuff and lots to be thankful for.  I will post in more detail with pictures from High Cliff and our NY trip in more posts.  Hope all is well with everyone and Happy Independence Day!!