Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yep, it's snowing again.  Kind of in spurts, sometimes hard, sometimes not at all.  And just a few short miles away, the sun was shinning.  You gotta love lake effect snow.  Good news is the lake is starting to slowly freeze over and when the lake freezes over the lake effect snow stops.  Still a long time but the process is starting.  It's been cold and very windy here this week.  Same story over the whole US.  The snow sure is pretty when you are inside though.  And oh how Asher loves to play in the snow.  It is rather scary when on the morning news they tell you, you will get 1-2 feet, yes feet, of snow like it's nothing.  Odd measuring snow in feet instead of inches.  Stay warm everyone!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun stuff!!

I haven't been very good about updating my blog lately, sorry to my few followers.  I seem to run out of hours in the day.  I have lots of fun posts started so I will finish them soon.  Promise.  I also have lots of really good recipes to post too, I have been doing lots of baking!  Anyway, a quick little update of what's been going on since my last post, the Turkey Trot.  Thanksgiving came and went.  Lots to be thankful for.  Did some early morning shopping with the crazies on Black Friday and went to Canada and did some more shopping at Ikea on Saturday.  The following weekend we took a long weekend, packed up the car and headed down to Harrisburg, PA.  We went to Hershey World, Yuengling Brewery and Gettysburg.  That area, and the drive down there, are really pretty.  Lots of hills and pretty much not a straight road (which Asher didn't care for) but beautiful sights.  This trip would be awesome in the fall.  It was nice being able to run down there with no snow to contend with.  Back in Buffalo, we had just gotten about 20 inches and things were a mess so this was a nice little bit of relief.  This past weekend we took a quick trip to the largest Kazoo manufacturer in North America (who knew this was in our new backyard).  And the UWGB men came to Buffalo to play against the University at Buffalo (UB) so I got to see them play.  That was cool.  I was the only one cheering.  It was kind of funny.  Then that night I got to see my first NHL game.  We had our company Christmas party on Saturday and part of that was a game in our company suite.  We are the energy provider and a big supporter of the Buffalo Sabres so we get some VIP treatment.  It was an awesome experience.  One I plan to repeat again.  Things will calm down a bit now before the big trip back to Wisconsin for Christmas.  Oh and it's snowing here....again.  I think I better get used to this.