Thursday, April 21, 2011

30th Birthday

Today was my 30th birthday.  Yep, I'm getting old.  Asher wanted to give me a special birthday present but he needed a little help so he called upon Jeff to help him.  Jeff made him a sign that said "Happy Birthday Mom" and put it on his running jacket.  Well Asher gets a little excited when you put his jacket on him so getting him to control himself and sit still was a little tricky.  Below are pictures that are very much Asher and how he rolls.  He's a happy kid.

"Sweet, I got my running jacket on.  Whoa, super excited, better get my ball (because that's what I always get when I'm excited)."

"I love my ball.  And I still got my jacket on so I'm still super excited."

"Jeff is trying to take a picture of me, maybe I should run over to him so he can pet me."

"That ball looks awesome, so awesome I am drooling, better lick my lips.....wait, I don't have lips....."

"Oh, you wanted me to lay nice so I could say 'Happy Birthday Mom', simple, no prob."

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