Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Long post

It has been a terribly long time since I have posted here.  Wow.  Sorry to my few readers.  What's been going on?  Well lots, but then when I look back, not a lot but I always seem to run out of time.  It's been cold and snowy here for far too long.  I am so ready for some warm weather.  So what is new.....not a whole lot.  I have been training a lot.  Asher has been an awesome running partner.  I am building my mileage for the Big Sur Marathon on May 1 and he has been a great running partner.  He has done back-to-back 16 milers and has done great.  And he is loving every minute of it.  He wears his backpack and shoes and people check him out as we are running along.

Jeff, Asher and I have been trying to get out and do as much as we can with the sub-par weather.  We went to our first professional lacross game a few weeks ago and are going to another one this weekend.  The Buffalo Bandits.  Until I moved here I never knew there was a professional lacross league.  The games are pretty wild and fun.  They are rough and the crowd really gets into it, chanting and yelling and they play music throughout the whole game.  Pretty cool. 

I took a couple trips up to Canada to get some lactate testing done for my coach and then I did the Shamrock 8K here in Buffalo.  The weather was terrible, rainy and 30+ mph winds but it was good to get out and race again.  I have my race schedule set through September so I'll get that posted on here as well.  Lots of new races to try which will be fun....and even a little traveling to new places as well.  I'm looking forward to it all.

I'll be better about updating in the future.  Promise.  I hope everyone is well and praying for spring. 

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  1. Finally! Looking forward to seeing your race schedule. Good Luck at Big Sur! You racing it or just for fun?